Terms and Notice


Minimum booking is mandatory and are:

- 3h Minimum Booking for Italy (if 3h in the evening it will be a different fee than 3h in the afternoon)

- 5/6h Afternoon to Dinner+Dessert for Europe (me visiting you in European cities)

- 12h to 24h for Overseas (me visiting you Overseas USA, Asia, India, Hong Kong and/or travels)

Enquiries for "1h" or not respecting minimum bookings displayed here WILL NOT BE RETURNED.



An appropriate NOTICE is mandatory and are:

- 3 to 4 working days minimum notice for meetings in Italy (if you are visiting me arriving from Italy, Switzerland, French Riviera)

- 1 week to 10 working days minimum notice for meetings in Italy if you are arriving from other European Countries

- 1 week to 10 working days minimum notice for meetings in Europe and UK  (if you want me to visit you in EU countries and UK)

- 2 weeks minimum notice for Overseas (USA, Asia, India, Hong Kong) and/or Trips & Travel Companion

I need Notice to schedule my agenda and my other meetings (cause I'm always overbooked), book flights/buy fly ticket/manage the travel: definitely I ALWAYS need notice otherwise I will be unable to give you any kind of answer about my possible availability.

Last Minute enquiries or not respecting minimum notices displayed here WILL NOT BE RETURNED


3) A 50% deposit + travel expenses is ALWAYS required in advance for 1st time clients and for all travel in order to secure our trip and avoid timewaters.

Travel expenses to be sent in advance are always requested for estabilished clients also.

Deposit can be made by CRYPTOCURRENCIES (BTC, ETH, LTC or others) or Western Union/Money Gram.

Reservations made By Crtpto will be given priority. IF YOU ARE NOT INTO IT FEEL FREE TO ASK ME HOW TO DO


I’m not able to book a flight or schedule a road trip without a deposit. Also to ensure that I arrive refreshed, I prefer to book my own flights on first class well in advance.